Opinion time!

Okay, folks. I’m about to publish a new short story and I need some help selecting a cover for the e-book.

The story is called “In the Dark” and is a horror/suspense short about a forty-something man,confronted at his door late at night, by an old friend who is in a state of distress. He must uncover the cause of his friend’s concerns about that he has seen in the dark, placate him, and send him on his way. The story is intended to appeal to those who love suspense, thriller and horror.

So, here are the covers:

Which do you prefer? (closes 26th March 2018)

“Pete and the Persian Bottle” publishing update

For those of you who are wondering what happened to the children’s book, I am in the process of completing the final edit (fingers crossed) and preparing the manuscript for printing/e-book.

It has been recommended that I assign a more “catchy” title to the piece. I have some options and am keen on your feedback.

So what is the book about:

Pete, an average boy, whose biggest wish is to stand out in a crowd, comes across a curious looking bottle while scavenging for go-cart parts . When he opens the bottle, he releases a long-trapped genie. Eager to get his three wishes, Pete pushes the genie into making him special. The genie turns Pete into a rat before he disappears out the window. Pete must find a way to convince his friends that he is real and not just a rat, and enlist the help of new Muslim student, Naseem, to locate the missing genie and come up with a plan to set everything right.