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And the winner is…

Thanks to all of those who provided feedback on the cover selection for my new horror/thriller short story “In the Dark” (release date Friday 13th of April).

And the cover which received the most votes is… drum roll… Ta da…

Book covers e-book Horror In the Dark Sarah Jackson Self Publishing Short Story

Opinion time!

Okay, folks. I’m about to publish a new short story and I need some help selecting a cover for the e-book.

The story is called “In the Dark” and is a horror/suspense short about a forty-something man,confronted at his door late at night, by an old friend who is in a state of distress. He must uncover the cause of his friend’s concerns about that he has seen in the dark, placate him, and send him on his way. The story is intended to appeal to those who love suspense, thriller and horror.

So, here are the covers:

Which do you prefer? (closes 26th March 2018)