Light Room

Have you ever woken from a deep sleep to find that you can’t move, speak or cry out for help? That you have no idea what time it is? Or what day it is? Or even where you are? What if you found yourself in a medical facility waiting to have your organs removed? Dylan has.Welcome to “Light Room”. Described by Beta readers as “genuinely creepy” and “disturbing”. Get your copy here.  


The new citadels are established, with environmental controls in place, a peaceful society and jobs for all. Everyone should be happy. But not Humphrey, a kind hearted, physically enormous man who wants nothing more in life than to be a chef. But he is a Breeder. And being only one of two in the newly created post-apocalyptic citadel, his fate is set. Get your copy here Kindle AU

The Last Things…

This is the beginning of the end. The missile test launch is set. The broadcast of the event from the Capital lined up. Excitement is building at the Nuclear Plant, as staff Buy your copy of “The Last Things…”: Link AU


The world is in ruins, with the only hope of survival being acceptance in the newly created Citadel. Having lost his father, his gang and his home to a rival drug manufacturer, twelve-year old Jessie must find his way through the Outlands to the Citadel. Will he make it on his own and with less than two days left in his air filter? Buy your copy of Outlander ( Or check the Kindle Store for your country!

Crossing the Line

Reduced to the meaninglessness of drinking her life away in a crumby bar set up in an insulated shipping container in the remains of a post nuclear Earth, former Police Inspector Joan, relays the story of how the Justice system was over run by the will of the people. “Crossing the Line” examines a possible future for us all. How close are we to losing control? Available through Amazon (Kindle) now! Link to Kindle Store Or check the Kindle Store for your country!

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