“Gardening For Beginners – 2nd Edition”

Do you want to start a garden? Are you not sure where to begin? Then this may be the guide for you. “Gardening for Beginners” is a handy reference book with basic hints and tips for the new gardener. It contains no fancy terms, no superior expertise, just honest advice from someone just like you. There are sections on what tools to buy, growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers, dealing with pests, and working out which fertilisers are best for you. It is written for a cool climate, but the advice is useful anywhere. 

This second edition features a new, easier to access format and incorporates feedback received from readers relating the first edition. Keep on discovering your gardening skills and enjoy the journey. 

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“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

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Senior Constable Ivy Driscoll is experiencing an unexpected and unwanted tree change. Following the disastrous end to her affair with a Chief Inspector, she has been relegated to the rural police station of Donnywell. Although she is the granddaughter of Country Women’s Association royalty, Ivy is quintessentially a city girl, knowing nothing of domestic life, baking or rural daily life and goings on. 

She barely has time to unpack when she finds herself thrust into her new life. Within a day of her arrival, Chester Winterbourne, the president of the district poultry club and his prize-winning rooster are brutally murdered. 

Disillusioned with the world, heart-broken and lacking in confidence, Ivy must solve the murders to prove herself fit for the job, win the hearts and minds of the locals, and hopefully get to know Paul, the dishy vet.

With the city and her old life behind her, will this enforced fresh start be just what Ivy needs.

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