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I am embarking on a new adventure and trying to make my way in the world as a professional writer - Science fiction & crime mostly. I also like loads of really boring things like gardening, craft work and baking. Oh and I eat a lot.

July Book Review Round Up

This month is a bit of a mix of crime, children’s picture books and gift books. I’ve got a couple of writing projects on the go in the picture book and gift book categories, so you may see a few of these in the mix over coming months. You can access my full book reviews and information about the titles via the 2017 Book Review page.

Here is this month’s round up:

****1/2 “Murder in Mr Martha” by Janice Simpson

**** “The Dry” by Jane Harper

*** “Your Cat’s Just Not That Into You” by Richard Smith

****1/2 “The Epiplectic Bicycle” by Edward Gorey

***1/2 “Shakespeare’s Insults for the Office” by Wayne Hill & Cynthia Ottchen