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August Review Reads

Nearing the end of Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and we are looking forward to some warmer weather – and maybe a beach holiday – COVID permitting. Here are my reviews for the month:

***** “Memphis 68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul” by Stuart Cosgrove

***** “Writing the Cozy Mystery” by Nancy J. Cohen

***1/2 “Karliquai” by Rose Cranie-Higgs

**** “Glossy” by Nina-Sophia Miralles

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Mushroom Mini Cookbook available now

Are you surrounded by fields of mushrooms? Do you grow your own, or have you found yourself with an abundance of the product with no idea how to use it? This could be the book for you.

“Millions of Mushrooms” is the ninth book in the “When it all becomes too much” mini cookbook series by Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson. This easy-to-use e-book contains some useful mushroom facts and 20 easy to make recipes to help you manage your glut of the stuff.  

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