Celebrate rejection!

I’m in the process of pitching three pieces (a cosy mystery, a children’s fiction and a non-fiction gift book) to various publishers and agents. I also hope to have a few short pieces ready to submit to various journals and publications in the near future. What does this mean? Well, I suspect that I’m going to see a heck of a lot of rejections. Time to celebrate! I learn a little something from each knock-back, and every one of them brings me a step closer to an acceptance.

So far I’ve received a total of 26 rejections. This has been over two years, and they are from a variety of sources, for six separate projects. This is pretty low in the scheme of things and is an indicator that I need to send more work out. To celebrate, I’m adding a widget to the front page – a counter to record the rejections of the work as they come in. I may even do some snazzy stats at the end of the year to really paint a picture. It’ll be a fun ride.