“Pete and the Persian Bottle” publishing update

For those of you who are wondering what happened to the children’s book, I am in the process of completing the final edit (fingers crossed) and preparing the manuscript for printing/e-book.

It has been recommended that I assign a more “catchy” title to the piece. I have some options and am keen on your feedback.

So what is the book about:

Pete, an average boy, whose biggest wish is to stand out in a crowd, comes across a curious looking bottle while scavenging for go-cart parts . When he opens the bottle, he releases a long-trapped genie. Eager to get his three wishes, Pete pushes the genie into making him special. The genie turns Pete into a rat before he disappears out the window. Pete must find a way to convince his friends that he is real and not just a rat, and enlist the help of new Muslim student, Naseem, to locate the missing genie and come up with a plan to set everything right.

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