David Bowie is…

It may sound like a bizarre thing to say, but I never expected David Bowie to die. He was always a distant, but near, constant presence in my life – for as long as I remember. From watching those early video clips on shows like “Countdown” to downloading “Black Star” a couple of days ago, he has been in my life for over forty years (longer for some). I have met a lot of wonderful people through my love of David Bowie. including one of my best friends, Wade. {We queued for concert tickets for two-three days back in the eighties (I got a front row seat) – this is what we did before the Internet and wide spread ownership of credit cards.}

It never ceased to amaze me how David Bowie just kept on, kept at it, lived every day to the full (not always well). He never gave up, never quit, and was whatever and whoever he wanted to be on the day. This is a lesson I will take forward in my life.

My love goes out to his family, friends and legion of fans. Remember that he will remain a constant in our lives through our memories, his music and films. He has now returned to the star dust from which we come. He is the Prettiest Star.

David Bowie is…part of our shared history.

2 thoughts on “David Bowie is…

  1. Zoe Farris says:

    Lovely words Sarah, and so true. he was a part of my life from the early 70’s and was a major influence. i remember sitting for two days with hundreds of other fans in the 70’s and my boss at the time gave me the days off and brought me lunch and dinner so i didn’t have to move. I was one of the first in. And at the concert itself i was down front. Mind you, these were when there was no seating at big concerts, and everyone piled up. I would have loved to have shared the experience with you and Wade, it would have been a hoot.


    1. sarahjwrites says:

      The memories are very special and I am so pleased to have them. I envy you going to the ’78 concert (not that I would have appreciated it at the time) – oh and I have noticed that I spelt “Queue” the American way – will change.


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