Draft Cover – The Persian Bottle

I have set up a draft cover (front and back) for my children’s book.  I am aware that if it gets accepted PB Cover v1 colourby a commercial publisher that I will not have much say in the final look – bPB Back Cover v1 colourut if I have to self publish then I need to have something ready to go.  These are looking a bit crappy and washed out because I had to load really low resolution versions into the blog.  I will do the smart thing and load them larger files into a proper server and put in a URL link – but this is what you have for now. Any comments and/or feedback appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Draft Cover – The Persian Bottle

  1. trinitygrau says:

    Looks cool! I can’t quite read what the back thing says. That’s ok, this book looks cool! Will it be an ebook or an actual book that a library may carry? I’d be glad to read and review it.

    P.S. Congrats! I’m still editing my book. Best of luck to you!


    1. sarahjwrites says:

      I am intending it to be both an e-book and a hard copy book. I am hoping to send it through the Writers Centre here for a manuscript assessment in mid-November. The I am going to try my luck with publishers next year. If I have no takers I will publish on Kindle and via Book Depository and see how I go.


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