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Unfinished Projects – More on the Writer’s Journey

The thoughts are whirling around in my head as I try to sort out what information belongs to which project.  I know, I know, I know and I know.  You don’t have to tell me that it is a BIG mistake to try and tackle more than one writing project at a time, but every time I start working on one, I get great ideas for another.

I am just going to have to be brave and pick one and finish it.  And it will be the children’s book because this is very close to being lodged for a manuscript assessment.  Nothing like a deadline to give me the push I need. The web page is coming on too: and yes this is another thing distracting me from the main game – at least it is related!

By sarahjwrites

I am embarking on a new adventure and trying to make my way in the world as a professional writer - Science fiction & crime mostly.

I also like loads of really boring things like gardening, craft work and baking. Oh and I eat a lot.

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