Lovely Holiday – No writing done

This year my husband and I decided to spend our annual holiday visiting my sister in-law and her husband. They moved to Peachester in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland about 18 months ago.  It is a pretty but slow moving part of the world, and I was hoping to get in plenty of reading and writing during the visit. However it was not meant to be.

Glasshouse Mountains - A sample of the landscape

Glasshouse Mountains – A sample of the landscape

The whole visit was a strictly planned affair from start to finish. (Planned by our hosts – not us). Set times for meals, restrictions on food we could eat at meals (I am not kidding), activities scheduled for every waking moment of the day and almost no flexibility. It all went off with military precision.

We had a really great time, and I am aware that all of the planning was all done for us (at some expense to them in terms of money and time).  Many of the activities were fun and entertaining, but sometimes (especially for us city folk), it is really just enough to experience the environment, enjoy the good company  and stare at the chickens.

McNugget Sisters

McNugget Sisters

My apologies to our QLD friends whom we were unable to contact/visit.


Draft Cover – The Persian Bottle

I have set up a draft cover (front and back) for my children’s book.  I am aware that if it gets accepted PB Cover v1 colourby a commercial publisher that I will not have much say in the final look – bPB Back Cover v1 colourut if I have to self publish then I need to have something ready to go.  These are looking a bit crappy and washed out because I had to load really low resolution versions into the blog.  I will do the smart thing and load them larger files into a proper server and put in a URL link – but this is what you have for now. Any comments and/or feedback appreciated.


The journey stalls

Okay I will admit it. I have been somewhat remise in the blog contribution department. No excuses – I just didn’t do it.

I have however made a few decisions about the set-up of my blog. I have started looking at a few cover designs for the first of my Science Fiction/Crime short stories. (I have got some great ideas through the website – handy if you are looking for some quick and cheap ideas.) This got me thinking – one of my writing lines is going to be middle-age children’s literature, and the other Science Fiction/Crime stories. Can you see the problem? Yes that’s right folks – it is not going to be appropriate to have a children’s book page on the same website with stories about nasty murders. Bummer. So I have decided to set up a whole new web identify for the children’s material and even publish these under a different name. You think it would be obvious – but this is what happens when you don’t have any children and are de-sensitised to violence. Good thing I don’t write erotic fiction as another side line – now that’s a whole difference ball game again. Until next time….Unknown