The journey stalls

Okay I will admit it. I have been somewhat remise in the blog contribution department. No excuses – I just didn’t do it.

I have however made a few decisions about the set-up of my blog. I have started looking at a few cover designs for the first of my Science Fiction/Crime short stories. (I have got some great ideas through the website – handy if you are looking for some quick and cheap ideas.) This got me thinking – one of my writing lines is going to be middle-age children’s literature, and the other Science Fiction/Crime stories. Can you see the problem? Yes that’s right folks – it is not going to be appropriate to have a children’s book page on the same website with stories about nasty murders. Bummer. So I have decided to set up a whole new web identify for the children’s material and even publish these under a different name. You think it would be obvious – but this is what happens when you don’t have any children and are de-sensitised to violence. Good thing I don’t write erotic fiction as another side line – now that’s a whole difference ball game again. Until next time….Unknown


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