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Review of “You want me to do what now”

Thank you Leanne Margaret, author of “Love of the Universe” and “Multidimensional Mediation” for her review of “You want me to do what now?”

You Want Me To Do What Now? 101 of the Worst Job Titles Around, is a humorous and easy to read little book that highlights the importance of good grammar and clear language. It’s an anthology of unusual, provocative and badly written job ads, collated to not only bring a smile to your face, but also to be made proper fun of! Recently I was in the marketplace myself, searching for a new job, and believe me, making fun of job titles is a community service someone had to perform.

Well Sarah Jackson has done it with wit and style. She has even taken the time to create a pictograph of each ad, helping to turn up the ridiculousness another notch. But she doesn’t just expose the wound, proffered at the end of each chapter the author also provides a salve of uncommon sense: The ads are re-written in a clear and correct form – a relief for grammar nerds.

You can’t dress a crap job in cool words without losing clarity. Words are supposed to clearly convey meaning but I think some of the employers illustrated are using words to conceal it.

The only job title I would not be so harsh on is Vegetation Liaison Officer. It brings to mind a dreadlocked person, hands stained with the forest, plucking a guitar while singing folk songs to the plants.

Some of the job titles do deserve to re-shamed right here. Like Assistant Controlled Entity Accountant. Seriously! I want to apply for this job so I can ask what the hell it is. As for Special Requests Clerk – What is wrong with Concierge?

Good copywriters are numerous, businesses willing to pay for the service, not so much. Perhaps we need to make as much fun of dodgy copywriting as we can.

It was the author’s intention to bring a smile to the reader’s face and this reader was smiling. I don’t think we ever did work out what a Keyholder is, but I bet the wages are bad.

By Leanne Margaret


“You want me to do what now? 101 of the worst job titles around” by Sarah Jackson 

“You want me to do what now: 101 of the worst job titles around” is a humorous look at job searching and advertising. In any given month, in Australia alone, there is an average of 165,00 jobs advertised, and approximately 750,000 people recorded as being out of work – and this doesn’t include job seekers who are looking for a change of employment. There are a great many people looking at a wide range of position titles. It’s big business. The book, set in a Listicle format, looks at ridiculous, pompous and downright misleading job titles.  Job seekers, employers, advertisers, and the general public, may find this an interesting read, as it is both true and bizarre.

Available in three formats!

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Book Tour – “Multidimensional Meditation” by Leanne Margaret

Did you know that anyone can meditate?

Did you know that anyone can meditate?
Even if you have a thirty-second attention span.
Even if your eyes roll at the thought of sitting for an hour in lotus pose, chanting mysterious words.
Even if meditation makes you just want to go to sleep.
In fact, you’re probably doing it more often than you realise.

…Take a moment right now to feel your feet, their weight, angle and state of tension … Take a big breath – the kind that makes your belly rise, and hold for a few seconds… Exhale, imagining that exhalation traveling down your body, and out through your feet.
That’s it – you are now meditating! 

Multidimensional Meditation is a step-by-step guide to discovering how easy meditation can be. You will learn basic mindfulness meditations, as well as advanced vision quest styles. Multidimensional Meditation can help you:

  • use your natural meditation abilities
  • understand yourself as a multidimensional being
  • enjoy the proven benefits of meditation
  • gain more control over your thoughts, feelings and even your heart rate
  • access higher dimensions of creativity
  • create your own bespoke meditations to achieve personalised goals

Whether you are looking to re-set your nervous system or re-boot your life, learning multidimensional meditation can help you to feel more relaxed, more informed, and more in control.


“[I] wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book launch as well as your book. I found it nicely structured and accessible. The tone is warm and friendly – and it’s easy to read without being condescending.” – Niesje, Victoria.

Where can I get a copy? 

Available now through Amazon (Multidimensional Meditation) and, The Wee Warby Bookshop, Warburton Hwy, Warburton. Victoria. More stockists will be announced at

My Review: ***** Link here

A quick interview with the author:

What was your inspiration to write “Multidimensional Meditation: An Introduction to Natural Meditation and Multidimensional Living”?   

After writing my first book, The Love of the Universe, I realised I needed to provide some practical methods to help readers understand the dimensions of consciousness explored. I wanted to create something lighter, shorter, and easier to read. Meditation skills lay the most important groundwork for any kind of personal and spiritual development. I wanted to illustrate that meditation is a natural state many people attune to instinctively. But most of all, I’m passionate about the idea that by managing our internal energy via meditation, we can begin to influence our external environment. This means that not only can we use meditation for stress management, we can use it to envision our goals, as well as help us generate the energy and confidence to go after them, as many times as it takes. I’m equally passionate about the ordinariness of spiritual development. I believe we can all reach higher dimensions of consciousness governing visionary and inspired realms. In this way everyone can connect to a personalised source of information, inspiration and guidance. Personally, I have found meditation such a powerful tool for managing both anxiety and creativity that I want others to know how easy it can be.

What have you found concerns readers most about the process of meditation?

Many people believe they can’t meditate. They associate it with the expectation of clearing their minds and sitting perfectly still for long periods of time. People think it’s hard! In many ways, meditation has been marketed as something exclusive and difficult, requiring specialised training. But there are many ways to meditate, from basic mindful styles through to more spiritual styles. It can be as simple as taking a moment to be mindful of a single breath. Watch someone daydreaming or staring at an ocean view – they’re meditating!

What are you writing next?

I’m excited to be picking up a draft that I started writing before either of my published books. I’m still working with multidimensional themes, but using more of a narrative style. I’m looking forward to working with characters, as well as the raw creativity of writing a first draft after what seems like years of editing.

What do you enjoy reading?

For most of my life I have been reading in the areas of spirituality, metaphysics and personal growth. I also love biographies and memoirs. Since focusing on my writing ambitions I have broadened my library to include murder-mystery, science-fiction, thriller and romance. I decided it would be a good idea to learn about different genres so I can expand as a writer. I’ve recently finished, A Study in Karma, by Annie Bessant, as well as, The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra, by Vaseem Khan. I just started reading, The Rip, by Mark Brandi. I recently attended his launch at Lilydale Library and I particularly enjoy reading books by Australian authors.

About the Author: Leanne Margaret

Leanne Margaret is an author and content writer, mainly in the areas of mind/body/spirit and multidimensional consciousness. She has studied creative writing, copywriting and content writing and is a graduate of The Australian Writers’ Centre.

Leanne’s explorations into meditation and spirituality began when she was a child. Her metaphysical studies became the theme linking all of her writing and teaching work, including meditation, personal and spiritual development. She has been teaching workshops in these areas, as well as her own style of dance: Majickal Bellydance for over 20 years.

Leanne also works in mental health administration because she enjoys helping people in a practical way. She has a special interest in uniting the more cosmic, otherworldly aspects of spirituality with the ordinary, physical lives we are actually living. You might say she likes to unite ‘the above and the below.’

Leanne enjoys good food, dancing and walking with family and friends. She enjoys a quiet, contemplative life and likes to re-charge in nature, particularly with the trees and rivers. She is currently learning how to balance a new book with a new job and is utilising lots of mediation skills to manage it.

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