Book Review – Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness) (Volume 1) by Violeta Bagia

Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness) (Volume 1) by Violeta Bagia


Genre:  Fiction – Thriller

Read: March 2018

“Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness)” is the debut novel from Violeta Bagia. This espionage/sci fi thriller is a non-stop adventure from cover to cover. It also includes a hefty romance subplot for fans of the genre. It’s well-paced, with interesting characters and situations

Ace, our flawed heroine is a rough and tumble ex-military operative, dealing with the death of her parents, and an Iraq operation-gone wrong. Unable to fit with general society and manage interpersonal relationships, she finds herself drawn into The Agency, a place for people with mysterious talents like her own.

“Ace of Hart” is similar in some ways to the British Sci-Fi series of the late 60s “The Tomorrow People”, and “X-Men – Legion”, in that it concerns the fates of young people with special abilities, and who must learn to manage their talent and avoid exploitation by “the system”.

A great read, and I look forward to the starting the next book in the series.


Fab Horror Movie Coffee Table Book

“Essential Horror Movies: Matinee Monsters to Cult Classics” by Michael Mallory is a wonderful coffee table book, with a great range of classic-must-see horror movies, from the start of film making to the modern day. It contains excellent photos, concise descriptions of film plots, and reasons why they deserve to be in the book. Yes I know that some horror buffs will be disappointed that film “x” wasn’t included, but it does not claim to be an encyclopaedia of the horror genre (hmm good idea for a book project there). As a horror movie devotee, I am always interested in books on the subject, and found this one to be both entertaining and informative. (I still find it amazing that after all these years, even still photos of Linda Blaire from The Exorcist – 1973, yeah really 1973 – continue to manage to give me the willies.)

Another great read – Don’t miss out!

“The Pool Boy’s Beatitude” by DJ Swykert

PoolBoy (1)I have been fortunate enough to have read two really excellent books in a row. Too frequently new authors are overlooked in favour of the old staples and many are missing out on brilliant works. Don’t miss this one!

Jack, pool cleaner extraordinaire, and servicer of bored housewives, believes himself to be “cock of the walk”. He dropped out of College, considering his Physics studies tedious, is married to caring woman, and believes that he has no master – except perhaps for alcohol and drugs.  Check the full review via this link: Reviews and Reading List