Goal Setting – Planning your writing journey for 2016

Goal setting“A Goal without a plan is just a wish”. And I wish I could remember where that quote came from. With 2016 well and truly upon us, it is time to get those writing goals determined and a plan of action devised.

I need to put my hand up and admit that I had way too many items on my goal list and was trying to manage way too many writing projects. So this year I have four main writing goals.

  1. Finalise the publishing of “Pete and the Persian Bottle” by June 2016. (This involves a complete re-edit, change of title, getting the print set out done, organizing the publishing, and then the tough part – marketing and distribution).
  2. Publish another short story in the “Better Future” series by August 2016. (This involves writing the story, editing, sourcing cover art, Kindle set up, publishing and marketing)
  3. Scope out and start developing a Christmas book based on the “Cracker of a Christmas Blog” with the blog team. Book structure and layout to be completed by November 2016 with content development and photographs to be managed in 2017.
  4. Complete to final draft (pre-publishing) of “The Bird” murder/mystery novel by December 2016.  (includes full content and structural edit, synopsis, cover letters, and a plan for contacting potential publishers.)

All other projects, ideas and wild plans will be “parked in the garage” until I have finished this lot. (That garage is getting darn full!).

I will provide updates on my progress throughout the year (got to keep myself honest).

To aid the process, I have prepared a goals/planning template for my writers’ group, and attached a copy for those who need a starter point (see below). Good luck and happy planning.


(Please feel free to share this as you see fit!)

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