October Book Review Round Up

I was away for most of October so there are not as many reviews as usual (Four are children’s books).  For detailed reviews check out my Reviews and Reading page.

  1. “The Oracle” by D.J. Niko *****
  2. “The Grey Lady of Long Branch” by Maura Satchell ***
  3. “Fear and Courage: Fourteen Writers Explore Sime-Gen” J. Lictenberg et al, eds. Z Farris & K MacLeod ****1/2
  4. “Jesper Jinx” (Book 1) by Marko Kitti ****
  5. “Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season” (Book 2) by Marko Kitti ****
  6. “Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper” (Book 3) by Marko Kitti
  1. 22022114 23150976 24899536 25950087Fear and Courage CoverThe Grey Lady Cover



The Oracle cover


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