What do you use your writer’s journal for?

Who said writing ideas?

Smarty pants!

I do write in my journal, but I would hardly describe it as artistic, revelatory or even interesting for that matter. My original aim, of course, was to use the journal to record my ideas, messages from the muse, profound thoughts and alike, but instead it is just a load of old blarney. It is mostly a repository* for my complaints about my weight, lack of sleep, general health issues, part-time job, my mother…basically everything. (I invest a lot of time and energy into whinging about things.) It is also a great place to write down items for my to-do list, make a list of things I would like to purchase, and is frequently used to draw/map out plans for my garden. I hope that nobody else ever reads them.

*I find that I can no longer use the word “repository” without thinking of the very funny (unintentionally so) speech given by Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbot, when he referred to a “Suppository of ideas”. You can’t tell me that the speech writer didn’t do that on purpose!ImageIdeas anyone?

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