Bogans Whinging

Nobody Likes a Bogan?

Nobody Likes a Bogan?

In 2001 the Melbourne band Area 7 declared that “Nobody Likes A Bogan” (YouTube link), however this does not appear to be the case. Rather, it would appear that we are all quite fond of the Bogan – not the irritating, modern style Cashed Up Bogan (CUB) as described so precisely on the Things Bogans Like website/blog, but more the old school Bogan. You know the ones I mean – genuine bogans – AC/DC loving, flanno, thong (both kinds) and sheep skin lined boot wearing, local beer drinkers (although some of the ladies like a bourbon or maybe a Bundy if it is cheque/pay day, or even a Bailey’s on a special occasion), just ordinary, genuine folks with no pretences.

So why do I believe that we do in fact love our Bogans…just look to the success of shows like Housos, Swift & Shift and Bogan Pride (I was so pleased to see Brian Mannix in this one!). The biggest delight of all has been the recent ratings success of Bogan Hunters, a delightful reality television outing by Paul Fenech and some of the Housos team, who are on a quest to find Australia’s Biggest Bogan. Competition will be fierce.

All. I can say folks is Bogan on!