The next stage…

I’ve spent the last few years dabbling in self-publishing as part of my process to learn more about the writing and publishing industry, and of course, to allow myself time to start working on a major project. Okay, I’ll admit it – several major projects – I have numerous first drafts and half-finished first drafts of projects in the drawer, but one story has come to the front, and I have been fortunate enough to have a Publisher take a chance on me.

I am relieved to say that after the manuscript was reviewed and edited (initial edit), I haven’t been dropped from their books and now am embarking on my next draft. I can’t adequately describe how fantastic it is to get the edit suggestions back from the publisher. Not only have I received some excellent ideas for tweaking the story and prose, but I have also received some brilliant advice on conducting the edit itself. This is not to say that I haven’t appreciated the edits and advice previously received. The difference is the relationship. I am always a little concerned that those folks I know personally, or people whom I have paid for editing services, are unintentionally a little generous with their criticisms and suggestions. I feel assured that this round of advice is on-the-mark. My success is also their success, so there is a vested interest in getting it right.

So now I am off to crack on with my next draft. I hope to maintain my enthusiasm throughout the process.

More to come…

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