Book Review: “Making Your Mark, Leaving a Legacy, and then …A grand exit that’ll have their tongues waggin'”

Title: Making Your Mark, Leaving A Legacy, And Then . . . A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin’

Author: Peter Davidson

Genre:  Non-Fiction: Life Skills, Gift Book

Year: 2022

Writing “BUBBA WAS HERE” on restroom walls is a futile attempt to leave a mark on this world.

            If you want your life to amount to more than just anonymously passing through

            this world unnoticed, this book is for you.  It describes how to make a mark on 

            your family, friends, and society and how to create a legacy that will benefit 

            future generations.  Then, when the time comes for you to leave this world, you

            can continue to make your mark and build your legacy by making a Grand Exit

            with style, class, and pizzazz, just like you lived your life.

Get your copy (paperback or ebook): Making your mark…

My rating: *****

My review:

Most of us reach a point in our lives when we start to wonder what we have done to add to the world. We consider the impression we have made on others (be it big or small) and contemplate what we are going to leave behind.  

Making Your Mark, Leaving A Legacy, And Then . . . A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin’ offers readers a range of ideas to help them make their mark. There is a good mix of the serious, socially conscious, and downright funny ideas, ranging from simple and cost effective, to extravagant and way out there. I particularly like the list of things you are not going to miss when you are dead, and the idea of holding a living wake. 

Writing about death is never easy, but Davidson has done so with the right blend of dignity, practicality, and humour.

About the Author:

Peter Davidson is the author or co-author of thirty books published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Perigee/Putnam Publishers, Haworth Press, Sweet Memories Publishing, Northwestern Publishing, and others. His works include fiction, nonfiction, college textbooks, and children’s picture books.  For more tan two decades, Davidson was one of America’s most active writer’s seminar presenters, having presented 637 one-day seminars in a 15-state area from Minnesota to Tennessee and Colorado to Illinois.

Check out the author’s other books: Peter Davidson


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