Happy New Year – 2017!

Have a wonderful and productive 2017!

champagne-1500248_1920Wow! 2016 was a bit of a shocker in terms of losing people I love and who have  influenced and inspired me (and still do). I’m not just referring to wonderful figures from popular culture and science (like David Bowie, Vera Rubin, Sharon Jones, Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher et al), but also to friends and neighbours who permanently signed off during the year. Bummer! I know that death is part of cycle of life, but loss is always difficult to manage.

It’s important to remember the good times, the special things that make people who they are, and the things you shared.

What’s more important is to live life to the full. Write that book. Send that article in to the magazine. Sing that song. Paint that sunset. Apply for that job. Wear that dress. Book that trip to Disneyland! Start living and stop worrying about what other people think, or if you’re going to look stupid, or whether or not your going to fail – let’s face it if you don’t even try then you’ve failed from the off.

So in 2017:

  • Live everyday like it’s your last
  • Take that risk (Go on! You have my permission)
  • Appreciate the beauty in everyday things
  • Appreciate the beauty in you
  • Be healthy (but not boring – eat good food, fun food, exercise by doing something you actually like – Dancing? Walking? Abseiling?)
  • Look after your mental health
  • Support your friends and family
  • Ditch negative and unhelpful people
  • Put a bit of glamour in your everyday life
  • Listen to music whenever you want
  • See that exhibition, go to that book launch, listen to the orchestra
  • Read that book, listen to that commentary, sign that petition, go to that public lecture. Open yourself to new ideas.
  • Make big plans, break them down into small tasks and do something everyday to bring you closer to your goals.
  • Try something new every month (or every week or day if you’re game).

Make 2017 something special. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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