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Have a fabulous New Year!

Have a wonderful 2020! I hope that the new year brings you great success and happiness. May all of your reading and writing goals be achievable and enjoyable!

Christmas e-book Gardening Gardening for Beginners: Hints and Tips for Melbourne Australia Happy New Year Reading

Thinking about doing something with your garden over the Christmas break?

New year’s resolution to set up a new garden? Why not download “Gardening for Beginners: Hints and tips for Melbourne Australia” by Sarah Jackson.

“Gardening for Beginners: Hints and Tips for Melbourne Australia” by Sarah Jackson

So you want to start a garden? No idea where to start? Then this may be the guide for you. “Gardening for Beginners” is a handy reference book with basic hints and tips for the new gardener. It contains no fancy terms, no superior expertise, just honest advice from someone just like you. There are sections on what tools to buy, growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers, dealing with pests, and working out which fertilisers are best for you.

It is written for a cool climate, but the advice is useful anywhere. The book is based on the quirky and informative blog Sarah’s Melbourne Kitchen Garden.

For more information about the book: “Gardening for Beginners”