Publication Readiness Dysmorphia

At the moment I am going though all of my half started, half finished and half baked writing projects to see what I can do as a bit of a filler between now and when I get my manuscript assessment outcome back (probably about mid January).  I intend to put some work into the “Better Future” Science Fiction short stories, but I was also intending to dust off a manuscript I was working on for NaNo last year in the hope that I could make some cosmetic changes and pop it up as a new e-book in time for Christmas.  No chance – wow, what a mess.  I see at least three months work in this one before I can even think about getting it out.  Is there a term like “Body Dysmorphia” to describe manuscript delusions? Maybe I will coin one:  Publication Readiness Dysmorphia: A writer’s delusional mental state where he/she believes a story to be in a far greater state of publishing readiness than it really is.

Bummer huh.

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