A wonderful problem

Something strange is happening in my house.  It has been happening for quite some time, but now it is becoming a little frightening.  Yes it’s books.  Piles of them. Teetering anxiously, ever threatening to topple down on innocent guests. Appearing in corners. Sneaking into too-small gaps in and on already over stuffed bookshelves. They are poking out of corners in every room of the house.  I love books – as does my partner, but it has meant that we have tonnes of them.  So much so that Henry was wondering if we needed to get the foundations of the house examined to ensure that they could support the extra weight.


Yes even with the advent of e-books (and let’s not even get e-book storage) the acquisition of actual books has not diminished…still there is always room for just one more…just one…or two…and maybe that one…it is only a small one after all….

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