“Rarity from the Hollow” by Robert Eggleton – Reboot

This month’s Book Tour author, Robert Eggleton has re-issued his debut novel “Rarity from the Hollow”. You can find out about the book and Robert via the Book Tour page.


About “Rarity from the Hollow”:

Lacy Dawn’s father relives the Gulf War, her mother’s teeth are rotting out, and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in The Hollow isn’t great. But Lacy has one advantage — she’s been befriended by a semi-organic, semi-robot who works with her to cure her parents. He wants something in exchange, though. It’s up to her to save the Universe.

Will Lacy Dawn’s predisposition, education, and magic be enough for her to save the Universe, Earth, and, most importantly, protect her own family?