Holiday Reading


I recently ran into a fellow writer (in a bookstore of course) and we began discussing the topic of holiday reading.  She had recently been to Paris and had chosen a compendium of Hemingway as her reading of choice.  I must admit I was rather surprised. I personally am usually pretty brain dead after days of sight seeing, gallery and museum visits (not to mention the excessive eating and drinking) and not up to taking on such a weighty read. I expressed my surprise, adding that I was one to go for lighter offerings (like Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Miss Fisher mysteries, and Stephen King style books).  She was most delighted with my admission, and confessed that the book served as a tray for her coffee and was not opened during the course of the vacation.

And the moral of the story is “Read whatever you fancy, whenever you wish.  Reading should never been seen as a chore.”