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“Breeder”, the latest Sarah Jackson release is available for pre-order now!

BREEDER, by Sarah Jackson

Available for pre-order on Kindle (Amazon) now!

Link: Pre-order “Breeder” by Sarah Jackson

breeder_1How can a man with so much going for him feel so sad?

Meet Humphrey a kind hearted, physically enormous man who wants nothing more in life than to be a chef. But he is a Breeder. And being only one of two in the newly created post-apocolyptic citadel, he is a valued member of society. His path is set.


“Crossing the Line” out on Kindle 21 July 2014

The countdown has begun

I am about to do it – publish my first non-blog published item.  It is a short story, not a full novel, but it is a start.  It will be the first in a series set in the not-too-distant future (don’t you just love a cliche), in post natural and nuclear disaster earth.  It will be the first of 10-12 short stories (I will e-publish the rest as a whole book later in 2014) which will serve as a prequel to my first novel “A Better Judgement” due out in the second half of 2015.   “Crossing the Line”has it’s own page on the blog, which I will update as I get closer to launch date.  Crossing the Line

Wish me luck!

The first short story in the "Better Judgement" series - due out on Kindle on 21st July 2014
The first short story in the “Better Judgement” series – due out on Kindle on 21st July 2014