August Monthly Review Update

It’s been a strange year so far. Here is the August review reads list. (You can read the full reviews here: 2020 Book Reviews

***1/2 “The Girl in the Mirror” by Rose Carlyle

***** “Darkness for Light” by Emma Viskic

**** “Bell Hammers” by Lancelot Schaubert

**** “Room to Dream” by David Lynch and Kristine McKenna

**** “Field of Poppies” by Carmel Bird

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New Cook Book – Available for pre-order

“Bananas About Bananas” by Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson 

Are you bananas about bananas? Do you grow your own, or have you found yourself with an abundance of the product and no idea how to use them? This could be the book for you.

“Bananas about Bananas” is the first in the “When it all becomes too much” mini cook book series by Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson. This easy to use e-book contains some useful banana facts and 20 easy to make recipes to help you manage your glut of fruit.  At around $1:30 to buy, its a cheap and fun reference book that you will return to over and over again.

AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON (E-BOOK): AU, USA, UK, CA or search for “Bananas about Bananas” through Amazon in your country.

For more information about the “When it all becomes too much” cook book series, follow the link: “When it all becomes too much”