“The Last Things…” free e-book short story download!

Free e-book short story down load available from 1 – 5 September 2018!

This is the beginning of the end. The missile test launch is set. The broadcast of the event from the Capital lined up. Excitement is building at the Nuclear Plant, as staff prepare for the celebrations to start. What will you remember?

Genre: Sci-Fi

Age Group: 15 years plus

Format: Short Story e-book


“The Last Things…” (amazon.com.au): Link AU

“The Last Things…” (amazon.com): Link US


Free e-book download of Light Room

Looking for a short story e-book to read over Christmas?  Have one on me. You can download a free Kindle copy of “Light Room” by Sarah Jackson from 20th -23rd of December. Link to Amazon to get your copy.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

Self Publisher’s Checklist

woodtype-846088_1920Are you in the process of self-publishing a book? Do you need some advice on what to do and when?

You can download my free self-publishing checklist to help you with your planning. It’s a great place to start. self-publisher-checklist

You can find this and other handy resources and tools on the Resources page. I will be adding new items to this page on a regular basis.