“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” Cosy Mystery

What’s it all about?

Feathers fly when the president of the district poultry club and his prize-winning rooster are brutally murdered just days before the district agricultural show.

Senior Constable Ivy Driscoll has been transferred to the rural police station of Donnywell following a scandal at her city precinct. But no sooner has she arrived than crimes start being committed. Even though she is the granddaughter of the Country Women’s Association royalty, Ivy is quintessentially a city girl, knowing nothing of domestic life, baking or rural daily life and goings on. 

Ivy must solve the murders to prove herself fit for the job, win the hearts and minds of the locals, and restore calm in the small town she would very much like to call home.

Where can I get a copy?

You can now buy your e-book copy of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” by Sarah Jackson for $AU5.00 through the official website or


Google Books

Apple Books


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