“The Dish Dog: A Novel” by Peter Davidson – Review

Title:  The Dish Dog: A Novel

Genre:  Fiction: Thriller/Suspense

Author: Peter Davidson

Year: 2023

Someone is operating the largest stock market insider trading scheme in the history of the United States, that is making millions of dollars in illegal profits. Whoever it is has access to secret information about numerous major corporations before the information is made available to the general public. Perhaps it is a nationally-known radio or TV host of a financial program, a financial journalist, or maybe even a Pulitzer Prize winner.

The perpetrator of the insider trading scheme has hidden their identity and covered their tracks through layers of elusive actions that all seem to lead nowhere. But, the perpetrator may not have planned on a brilliant FBI forensic accountant, Dr. Kimberly King, doggedly leading the investigation to uncover their identity and to put them out of business.

The Dish Dog is set mostly in New York City, with scenes in the heartland and in a tropical paradise. The story has a unique ending that many readers will applaud.

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My rating: *****

My review:

Dr Kimberley King has just landed her dream job in the Financial Audit office of the FBI. Her first task is to join a team of diehard investigators looking into some shady share trade dealings. Mystery company, Emerald Investments, has been providing its exclusive clientele with red-hot stock information for years. Who is behind Emerald Investments? Surely this person or persons must have an inside track. Are they journalists? TV personalities? Someone working for a large investment firm? And what about their clients? Who is the week link amongst the odd collective? Will it be the Dentist? The Account? The Real Estate Salesman? Surely it couldn’t be the bus boy working at one of New York’s finest dining establishments? 

“The Dish Dog” by Peter Davidson is a non-stop rollercoaster of edge-of-your-seat suspense, surprise twists and a dash of humour, set against the backdrop of New York city life. The characters are interesting, and believable and will take you along with them for the ride.  

The book is easy to read, not too heavy and not too light. It is sure to raise a smile as the ending leaves the story just where you want it to.  

About the Author:

Peter Davidson is the author or co-author of thirty books published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Perigee/Putnam Publishers, Haworth Press, Sweet Memories Publishing, Northwestern Publishing, and others. His works include fiction, nonfiction, college textbooks, and children’s picture books.  For more tan two decades, Davidson was one of America’s most active writer’s seminar presenters, having presented 637 one-day seminars in a 15-state area from Minnesota to Tennessee and Colorado to Illinois.

Check out the author’s other books: Peter Davidson


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