Sarah’s 2020 Book Review List


Chick Lit/Romance

***** “Starting Over at Acorn Cottage” by Kate Forster

***** “Dog Days, Glenn Miller Nights” by Laurie Graham

**** “The Last Will and Testament of Daphne Le Marche” by Kate Forster

**** “12 Daves of Christmas” by Julie Madison

**** “Walking on Sunshine” by Jennifer Stevenson

**** “Penelope ( A Madcap Regency Romance ) (Fairweather Sisters 1)” by Anya Wylde

*** ½ “Liberation: Secrets of the Soul: Short Stories” by Lina Girgis

*** ½ “A Christmas Party” by Georgette Heyer

*** ½ “New Witch on the Block” by Louisa West

Children’s/Young Adult

**** “The Quest for the Golden Bracelet” by Jasmine Fogwell

**** “Antigone Finch: The adventures of Antigone Finch” by Veronique O’Toole


***** “Where the Truth Lies” by Karina Kilmore

***** “Sweet Nothing” by Richard Lange

***** “Darkness for Light” by Emma Viskic

**** “She Lover of Death” by Boris Akunin

**** “Field of Poppies” by Carmel Bird

**** “The Best Lousy Choice” by Jim Nesbitt

*** ½ “The Girl in the Mirror” by Rose Carlyle

*** “The Other Mrs Miller” by Allison Dickson


***** “Horns” by Joe Hill

**** ½ “The Institute” by Stephen King

**** ½ “The Stand” by Stephen King

**** “Four Past Midnight” by Stephen King

**** “IT” by Stephen King


**** “Bell Hammers” by Lancelot Schaubert

Literary Fiction

***** Sins in Blue” by Brian Kaufman

***** “The Stone in My Pocket” by Matthew Keeley

***** “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles

**** “Veils of Smoke by Sarah Key

**** “Child of God” by Cormac McCarthy

Science Fiction

***** “The Illustrated Man” by Ray Bradbury

***** “Science Fiction Collection” compiled by Editors of Canterbury

**** “The Tommyknockers” by Stephen King



***** “Harlem 69: The Future of Soul” by Stuart Cosgrove

**** ½ “Young Soul Rebels: A Personal History of Northern Soul” by Stuart Cosgrove

**** “Lost Transmissions: The Secret History of Science Fiction and Fantasy” by Desiring Boskovich 

**** “Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars” By David Hepworth 


**** ½ “Confessions of a Bookseller” by Shaun Bythell

**** ½ “Why Bowie Matters” by Will Brooker

**** ½ “Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA” by Amaryllis Fox

**** ½ “The Secret Life of the Gold Coast” by Brendan Shanahan

**** “Room to Dream” by David Lynch & Kristine McKenna

**** “Quentin Tarantino: The Iconic Filmmaker and his works” by Ian Nathan


**** “The Beginner Writer” by Geetanjali Mukherjee

History/Politics/Historical Interest

**** “The Prince” by Nicolo Machiavelli

*** “Bjelke Blues” edited by Edina Shaw

Humour/Gift Books

***** “488 Rules for Life” by Kitty Flanagan


 **** “Tokyo: DK Eyewitness Travel Guide” by Jon Burbank

**** “Japan – Lonely Planet” by Rebecca Milner, et al

True Crime

**** “Little Fish are Sweet” by Matthew Condon

**** “Once Upon A Time In Melbourne” by Liam Houlihan

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