Book Tours – Meet Jim Nesbitt, author of “The Last Second Chance”

I am trialling a new feature on my blog – Book Tours!  First cab off the rank is Jim Nesbitt, self-published author of the just released detective/mystery/noir novel   “The Last Second Chance”.

Ed Earl Burch, a cashiered vice and homicide detective, has his life narrowed down to chasing financial fugitives from the carnage of the oil bust and savings and loan crash that scarred Dallas in the mid-1980s. Throw in the occasional wayward spouse and a ready eye for the next round of bourbon, sipped with a boot resting on the rail of his favourite saloon.

To read the interview with Jim and find out more about his new book, “The Last Second Chance” see the full tour on the brand new book tour page: Link Here or click on the cover image located in the column on the left of your screen (bottom of the screen if you are on a phone).

I have book tours sorted for the next few months and then I will review how it is going and determine if I will keep it as an on-going feature. I am open to any feedback or suggestions of types of things to include as part of the tours.

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