First 5* review of 2016 – “The Dandelion Clock” by Sarah Key

Spring Equinox is almost upon Cape Town and someone is killing homeless women. In fact two people are; an inept contract killer and a deranged pyscho, who has made a pact with a demon. Will the group of friends (a psychic nursing student, a carefree nanny, a rock singer and a rich anorexic) be able to deal with their personal issues and pull in enough favours to help save homeless woman Helene.

Well written, good pacing, great female characters and a captivating story. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. If you are keen to read more by this author, get yourself a copy of “Tangled Weeds” – a review is on the 2015 page.

Suitable reading for a mature audience – contains some violence, realistic situations, and supernatural themes which some may find distressing.

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