December Book Review Round Up

I hope that you are getting the opportunity to enjoy some holiday reading time. Here is my December review summary:

****1/2 “Hidden Histories – Herbs” by Kim Hurst

***** “The Butterfly Wind” by Sarah Key

****1/2 “The Signalman – A Ghost Story” by Charles Dickens

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July Review Round Up

A mixed bag of non-fiction, fiction and travel guides this month:

****   “Dangerous Obsessions” by Bob van Laerhoven

****    “An Unlikely Friendship” by Jasmine Fogwell

*****   “No Problem Mr Walt” by Walt Hackman

****   “The Two Week Wait Challenge” by Lindsay Fischer

*****  “Love, Life and Logic” by Uday Mukerji

***   “Whistler’s Mother” by NGV Press

***   “Berlin” by CitiX

dangerous Obsessions





Whistler Cover

Berlin Cover