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Looking for a Christmassy Read?

“Christmas Wishes at Pudding Hall” by Kate Forster may be the Christmas story for you. Available through Amazon now in e-book and paperback formats.

Christa Playfoot has spent most of her life caring for others, playing nice, allowing her ex-husband to dictate the rules and take credit for her cooking and achievements. Now she is on her own and starting from scratch. Her first assignment is a personal chef over the Christmas holidays for a single dad at Pudding Hall.

“Christmas Wishes at Pudding Hall” by Kate Forster is the perfect mix of romance, adventure recipes, Christmas cheer and generosity of spirit. It makes for a delightful and fulfilling holiday read.

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October Review Reads

Halloween is looming large, and then we hit the final two months of the year. Loads of pre-Christmas planning and reading are on the cards. But, before we get into the next phase, here are my reviews for the month of October:

**** “Midnight Atlanta” by Thomas Mullen

***** “Ghost Story” by Peter Straub

***1/2 “Shadows and Cypress: Southern Ghost Stories” by Alan Brown

***** “Detroit 67: The year that changed soul” by Stuart Cosgrove

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