3. About Sarah Jackson

It’s All About Me – At Least This Page Is…

About Sarah Jackson:

Sarah Jackson is a novelist, specialising in murder/mystery, thriller, humour, children’s fiction, and business writing. She regularly publishes book reviews via her blog http://www.sarahjacksonwriter.com, Amazon, GoodReads, and is a Early Reviewer for Librarything. She is the author of a number self-published short stories, a gardening guide for beginners, and released her first children’s novel “Pete and the Persian Bottle” in July 2016.

Sarah was born in 1969, in Brisbane, Australia and moved to Melbourne in 2005, where sheoperates her own independent transcription and writing services business. For the first twenty years of her working life, Sarah was employed in a variety of mostly government roles, with the occasional foray into welfare, ethics, justice and university administration in a medical faculty.

Sarah has completed a number of writing courses through Writer’s Victoria. Her tertiary studies include a Graduate Certificate in University Management from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities, Film and Media Studies) from Griffith University.

Sarah is the convener of the Melbourne writer’s group, ‘Orchard’s Apples’. She is an active member of Writers Victoria, “Sisters in Crime”, and an Associate Member of the Australian Society of Authors.


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Still here?  Want to know more?  

You can read the interview with myself below if you like 🙂

S1:  Welcome to Sarah’s Blog. My name is Sarah and it is Monday 19th of May 2014. I am sitting with myself and conducting this interview in order to fill out the “About Me” page of the blog…So Sarah, tell me about yourself?

S2: What do you want to know?

S1: Well the readers of your blog would like to know a little about you and why you write?

S2: Oh, well okay. Why the interview style format?

S1: Well it is a little more interesting than just putting your CV up. It isn’t a job interview after all!

S2: True – I would have brushed my hair and changed out of my pyjamas if it was. Why not ask a few questions and we will see where it all goes.

S1: Okay then, well let’s get the ball rolling. Um…why did you choose the photo that you did?

S2: Look I ain’t the most photogenic in the world and it is going to take me a while to find one, where I look normal, don’t have my mouth open, aren’t pulling a face, don’t have a drink in my hand, look significantly less fat than I am, and preferably a fair bit younger.

S1: Good luck with that. So why writing?

S2: I have been interesting in reading and books for as long as I can remember. So I guess writing just follows. I don’t consider myself to be the best writer in the world, and there are loads of people out there who are significantly more accomplished, imaginative and artistic, but I think that I can tell a good story.

S1: Anything else?

S2: I am hoping to make money out of it.  The older I get the more I realise how important it is for me to be self sufficient – creating my own income.  And I am sick of working for other people?

S1: Really?  Are you shy?

S2: Not at all.  I love people.  I love working with others. I just want more freedom to work at my own pace, in my own time.

S1: I note that your main interests are Science Fiction, Horror, and I guess more specifically Crime Fiction. Why?

S2: I have loved science fiction as long as I can remember.  It has always been in my life.  As a child I remember “The Tomorrow People”, “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who”, and yes before you ask they were in black and white – we didn’t get colour TV in Australia until 1975. Then the modern(ish) Sci Fi movies started appearing in cinemas (like Star Wars). Of course a lot of real life space exploration was happening in the late sixties (I don’t remember that) and seventies (I am sure other Australians of my age will remember Skylab), so I guess the interest has just continued.  I consider Science Fiction more a setting rather than a theme though – as in a story may be a political drama, or a crime drama, or even a romance, which is set in a futuristic location/time.

S1: So in addition to the writing in the SciFi/Mystery genre, you write junior age children’s fiction. Do you have any children of you own?

S2: No. I have a step-son, but he’s an adult now. I have two nieces – currently nine and eleven.

S1: Do you like kids?

S2: Sure. But I couldn’t eat a whole one.

S1: That is a really old joke!

S2: Yeah, but I still like it.

S1: Well good luck with the writing and I hope that you get the blog together soon.

S2: Thanks Sarah – catch up soon

3 thoughts on “3. About Sarah Jackson

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Congratulations on getting your site up and running! Your interview with yourself is hilarious (and much better reading than a standard CV). Kate Mitchell


    • As stated at the top of the Reviews and Reading page of the blog (and very clearly at the bottom of that page) I am not taking any additional review books at the moment. Thank you for letting me know that your were unable to understand or locate the information on my reviews and reading page. I will take some time out to set up a separate applications page to prevent future confusion.


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