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“A Company of Roses” – a real page-tuner by Megan Goodenough

A Company of Roses

Five stars! This is a fun and fantastic adventure story, where you get to unravel the mysteries right beside the heroine. Well researched, well written, and I can truly understand why this is being considered for a number of prizes. It is great to see a piece of work with such diverse and well-developed female characters.

After a drunken night on the town, Cas wakes up in the local hospital to discover that her bohemian friend Lacey has vanished into thin air. She has left her with a cryptic letter, which sends on her on a code-cracking treasure hunt across England. She realises that there is more to this Elizabethan mystery, when her adventures are intruded upon by a shady criminal syndicate, a former Russian spy, and a rather dashing chap who swears that he is an Insurance Investigator.

I can thoroughly recommend “A Company of Roses” to anyone who loves a good mystery.

Where can I get a copy?:  Amazon

Author’s Page: bookmeg,

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