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November Review Reads

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of another year. Christmas planning is underway and it’s time to get as many books read as I can before the Christmas pile arrives. But, before we get into Christmassy things, here are my reviews for the month of November:

**** “The Family” by Chris Johnston & Rosie Jones

**** “Above the Mistletoe” by Juliet Madison

***** “The Whitworth Mysteries” by Ruth Morgan

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Review: “The Whitworth Mysteries” by Ruth Morgan

Are you looking for a great blend of easy-to-read rural noir crime stories? “The Whitworth Mysteries” from the pen of emerging crime writer Ruth Morgan could be the one for you. This series of short stories is set in and around the fictional Australian regional town of Whitworth. The stories range from murder, to police corruptions, to art show dramas and everything in between. The book features a diverse mix of topics presented from varied points of view, making each tale engaging and unique. With 23 stories to choose from, there is something for every reader. My personal favourites: “Miss Tarrant’s Revenge” and “Alpha Male”. Pick up a copy today (available in print and ebook format: Buy the book)