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All set up – “Crossing the Line”

I am ready to go – I think. I have set up my Amazon account, done the tax audit, formatting the document and cover and am ready to load it up.  I must admit that I am amazed to say that I am still finding typos – Do you know how many times I have checked this?  Shouldn’t be surprised I guess, folk I know who have published books that were thoroughly edited say that they still found errors in the final text.

Yes the short story “Crossing the Line” will be published on time.  I will send the details of how and where to access it for those who are interested.  It is available free for the first five day.  A bit of a new venture for me…more to come 


Writers Journey

The journey stalls

Okay I will admit it. I have been somewhat remise in the blog contribution department. No excuses – I just didn’t do it.

I have however made a few decisions about the set-up of my blog. I have started looking at a few cover designs for the first of my Science Fiction/Crime short stories. (I have got some great ideas through the website – handy if you are looking for some quick and cheap ideas.) This got me thinking – one of my writing lines is going to be middle-age children’s literature, and the other Science Fiction/Crime stories. Can you see the problem? Yes that’s right folks – it is not going to be appropriate to have a children’s book page on the same website with stories about nasty murders. Bummer. So I have decided to set up a whole new web identify for the children’s material and even publish these under a different name. You think it would be obvious – but this is what happens when you don’t have any children and are de-sensitised to violence. Good thing I don’t write erotic fiction as another side line – now that’s a whole difference ball game again. Until next time….Unknown