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Manuscript nearly ready to send in for a review

I am nearly ready to submit my children’s book manuscript for an initial assessment.  I say nearly ready because I have been reading it through (for the third time) and have found at least one mistake on every page, and two errors in the story.  It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many errors in a document I have been looking on and working with for so long.  I guess the advantage of looking at it in different formats (Scrivener, Word and then hard copy) is that I am more likely to see the mistakes, but it is still a deflating experience to find so many.  Anyway, smiles all round – I am getting close to the end of this section of the long drag towards publishing. Have a great day!

PB Cover v1 colour

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Draft Cover – The Persian Bottle

I have set up a draft cover (front and back) for my children’s book.  I am aware that if it gets accepted PB Cover v1 colourby a commercial publisher that I will not have much say in the final look – bPB Back Cover v1 colourut if I have to self publish then I need to have something ready to go.  These are looking a bit crappy and washed out because I had to load really low resolution versions into the blog.  I will do the smart thing and load them larger files into a proper server and put in a URL link – but this is what you have for now. Any comments and/or feedback appreciated.