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Where to now?

I have re-writen the first five chapters of “The Persian Bottle” – now called “Pete and the Perilous Persian Bottle” and I am very happy with the suggested changes.  The feedback I received has been really helpful and I can see the difference it is making already.  I am hopeful that the changes will make for a much better story and hopefully a successful book. I will keep slogging away at it (not that I am finding it a slog).

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So what was the feedback on the manuscript?

Well it was all okay I guess.  I have some fabulous leads in terms of a publisher who may be interested (all about quality of work and timing of submission), and some excellent ideas for the story.  On the positive side the characters, their interactions, theme and location went down a treat, however I need to do a lot of work on it.  I am splitting out the plots so that the rat/genie adventure story becomes a single book for a 6-10 year old market (before was 9-13), and the theme about the returned serviceman gets put aside for a young adult book idea. So the bottom line is that I am starting a total re-wrtie, today, which is why I am procrastinating and writing this post instead.  Loads more to come 🙂PB Cover v1 colour