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2016 Reading Goals

You can’t help but notice the social media push to get us all to commit to a 2016 reading goal. “How many books do you aim to read in 2016?”, “What titles do you intend to read in 2016?” and alike. I have also come across a variety of reading-goal setting tools to help us on our way. Personally I don’t set reading goals – except for official review titles. For me reading is a joy, not a chore. Having said that I do hope to get through all (deep breath) of the books in the “pile” this year – see photo, and yes there are books behind the ones in front.

Hopefully you will see reviews for all of these gems in coming months. (Well some of them at least).

Holidays Whinging Writers Journey

Lovely Holiday – No writing done

This year my husband and I decided to spend our annual holiday visiting my sister in-law and her husband. They moved to Peachester in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland about 18 months ago.  It is a pretty but slow moving part of the world, and I was hoping to get in plenty of reading and writing during the visit. However it was not meant to be.

Glasshouse Mountains - A sample of the landscape
Glasshouse Mountains – A sample of the landscape

The whole visit was a strictly planned affair from start to finish. (Planned by our hosts – not us). Set times for meals, restrictions on food we could eat at meals (I am not kidding), activities scheduled for every waking moment of the day and almost no flexibility. It all went off with military precision.

We had a really great time, and I am aware that all of the planning was all done for us (at some expense to them in terms of money and time).  Many of the activities were fun and entertaining, but sometimes (especially for us city folk), it is really just enough to experience the environment, enjoy the good company  and stare at the chickens.

McNugget Sisters
McNugget Sisters

My apologies to our QLD friends whom we were unable to contact/visit.