February Book Review Round Up

A bit of a slow month as I only read six books, but it was a good mix. All good and all three to four star raters:

****    “Australia’s best Garden Guides: Climbers and Creepers” by Allen Gilbert

***1/2   “Elemental Kingdoms: Darkness Descends” by Peter Arvo and Lauren Arvo

***     “Anita Cobby The Crime That Shocked The Nation” by Alan J. Whiticker

****    “Sol of the Coliseum” By Adam Gaylord

****    “Bizarre of Bad Dreams” by Stephen King

****    “Theory Of Irony: How Jesus Led to Moon Golf” by Erik Von Norden

Elemental Kingdom (1)


Sol of the Coliseum_CoverUnknown


Update on my Vanity Press post

money-bag-400290_1280A member of my writer’s group has recently (this week) been on the receiving end of a set of emails and text messages from a Vanity Press company.  He’s being offered a “great” half-price “deal” on publishing packages. When I looked at what was included in the package, 90% of it can be sourced for free by the author directly (if prepared to do minimal leg work), and the other 10% can be purchased for about a third of the cost of the half-price deal. What I particularly loved about this deal was that you, the author, could pre-pay for a package even if you haven’t completed your manuscript. Bargain! I guess business is getting a little thin on the ground as more people are becoming aware of these rorts. Be aware people!

P.S. Thanks to those people who were concerned that I may have lost money to these charlatans, I have not been duped out of any money so far (and do not intend to be into the future either). If you, however, are easily parted from your money, please feel free to contact me and I will relieve you of your burden, for a large fee. 🙂