September Book Review Round Up

September was a busy month book review wise, and I managed to get through a good mix of old, new, fiction and non-fiction books. For detailed reviews check out my Reviews and Reading page.

  1. “Touched by Magic” by Doranna Durgin: ***
  2. “Mr Mercedes” by Stephen King: ****1/2
  3. “Soul Mates” by John. R. Little: ****
  4. “School days of a Methodist Lady: A Journey Through Girlhood” by Jill Sanguinetti: ***1/2
  5. “Logan’s Run” By William F Nolan & George Clayton Johnson: ****
  6. “Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups & Chili Dogs – True Stories of the Dogs of Mexico: Modern Dog Book” by David Gordon Burke: ****
  7. “The BALL is in Your Court: Learning a Foreign Language” by Aurelia McNeil: ****1/2
  8. “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee: **1/2

Touched by Magic Cover Mr M Cover SoulMates Cover



School Days Cover


UnknownMexican Mutts coverBall Cover

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Request for Children’s Books from a Torres Strait Island School

Hi Folks – this request appeared on Facebook on Thursday 24 September.  It is legit and I have sent a few books their way.  If you can help out please do. The Tagai State College in the Torres Strait is requesting books suitable for primary school students (5-12 years old).

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No idea where the Torres Strait is? It is a small stretch of ocean (and islands) between the very top of Australia (Pacific Ocean side) and Papua New Guinea. This is the school website: Tagai State College . The Campus requesting the books has 49 students!