Blog updates complete

I have finished my author blog updates for now.  Obviously I need to get a proper author photo done – preferably one which is in focus, but aside form that, it is ready to go.  Let me know if any of the pages or links are wobbly and I will fix them up.  Well I better get back to doing some actual writing and reviewing.  Cheers, Sarah


Minor Changes to the Blog & Site

You may (or may not) notice a few changes to the site over the next couple of weeks.  I have received some wonderful advice and ideas at some of the publicity and digital media sessions at the Melbourne Writers Festival (MWF Events) and I am hoping to implement them here.  Hopefully it will improve the site navigation and alike.  Thanks for your patience.  Keep reading. Sarah


“Tangled Weeds” by Sarah Key – Book Review

tangled_cover_big“Tangled Weeds” explores the tangled lives of a myriad of characters against the backdrop of political upheaval in the African nations at the turn of the century. Covering themes of child abuse, incest, drug addiction, sex and drug trafficking, “Tangled Weeds” covers it all. It is a well-researched novel, with captivating stories and believable characters. Available for Kindle on Amazon.