Children’s book looking good, short story on the way.

So far this month I have completed the latest version of my children’s book “Pete and the Persian Bottle”.  Now I am up to the editing part.  Great fun. I am really happy with how the story is developing and just need to say (again) what a huge difference the professional advice has made (to this and other projects).   I am nearly ready to publish my Young Adult, Sci-Fi short story on Kindle (end of March).  I am in the process of editing it (some parts are a bit clunky) and getting the e-book cover sorted.  I have two designs so far, with at least one more option to come.  More soon…

Outlander_cover 1a Outlander_cover 2a


What’s on the books for February

I have two major projects for February, the first is to complete the initial edit of my re-write of Pete and the Perilous Persian Bottle.  On that note I would like to mention that the professional advice I received on the original manuscript has been invaluable. As a result I have made significant changes to the story and improved the style of writing.  I am very happy with the current draft and hope to send it to my writers group for review later in the month.  I will post updates on through the Persian Bottle page in this blog.

My second project involves my Sci Fi short story “Outlander”.  I am intending to publish this as an e-book (Kindle) in March.  I am planning to publish three short stories over the coming months (while I am waiting on the publishing outcomes for the Children’s Book) in March, May and July, and am hoping to get the Novella “Better Future” out on print and e-book before Christmas.  I will post updates on the Published Works page of this blog.

Lots to do 🙂