Publication Readiness Dysmorphia

At the moment I am going though all of my half started, half finished and half baked writing projects to see what I can do as a bit of a filler between now and when I get my manuscript assessment outcome back (probably about mid January).  I intend to put some work into the “Better Future” Science Fiction short stories, but I was also intending to dust off a manuscript I was working on for NaNo last year in the hope that I could make some cosmetic changes and pop it up as a new e-book in time for Christmas.  No chance – wow, what a mess.  I see at least three months work in this one before I can even think about getting it out.  Is there a term like “Body Dysmorphia” to describe manuscript delusions? Maybe I will coin one:  Publication Readiness Dysmorphia: A writer’s delusional mental state where he/she believes a story to be in a far greater state of publishing readiness than it really is.

Bummer huh.


Manuscript submitted for assessment

Well I did it.  I submitted my children’s book manuscript for an assessment. I submitted on time too – last Friday in fact.  Now I just have to wait 6-8 weeks to find out what they think of it. I will let you know how I get on – hopefully I won’t need a total re-write.

Manuscript nearly ready to send in for a review

I am nearly ready to submit my children’s book manuscript for an initial assessment.  I say nearly ready because I have been reading it through (for the third time) and have found at least one mistake on every page, and two errors in the story.  It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many errors in a document I have been looking on and working with for so long.  I guess the advantage of looking at it in different formats (Scrivener, Word and then hard copy) is that I am more likely to see the mistakes, but it is still a deflating experience to find so many.  Anyway, smiles all round – I am getting close to the end of this section of the long drag towards publishing. Have a great day!

PB Cover v1 colour