Beavering away

My apologies for the lack of interesting and witty posts.

At the moment I am actively working on three projects – now I can hear a whole bunch of you saying “but you should only do one thing at once and finish it”. Yes I know and I agree, but the problem is I get distracted too easily and find that moving to a different task helps me get new ideas for some of the others.  The projects are at different stages of course – one is at the writing/first draft stage, one is at the structural edit stage, and the other is at the final edit before submission for a manuscript review stage.

Hopefully I will get all of my active projects under control and come up with some new and interesting material for you soon.




Unfinished Projects – Writers Journey

As a technique to assist with procrastinating and generally avoidance of my writing work this morning, I decided to review my outstanding writing projects.  Excluding the three which I am actually working on, I have eighteen (18) projects in various state of completion (or non-completion as the case most certainly is). Eighteen!  I have decided that I like about sixteen of them and do intend to finish them – at some point.  

This raises so many questions?  Will I actually finish them? Why did I leave them when I did? Is there a market for any them? Can I actually finish them? And the list goes on.

I image that all writers have a cache of incomplete material, a files of new ideas, and a whole pack  of total tail-wagging dogs of stories in their work list.  I guess I need to go back and finish the current projects before I move on, and then I guess I need to sort out those with legs, and those with tails.  Wish me luck!