The Mystery Pick

imagesOften when my husband and are out browsing in book, music and DVD stores we indulge in what we refer to as a mystery pick (or lucky dip). This is something that we love to do when we are on holidays (both in Australia and overseas).  It involves selecting a totally random offering about which we know absolutely nothing (an author/artist/title we have never heard of). Eight times out of ten (at least so far) we have selected really interesting, exciting and pretty darn good things.  We find this to be an excellent way to discover new materials, music and media?  Are you a mystery picker?



“Crossing the Line” is now available for Kindle Download.

It is done!  I have finally pulled it all together and now “Crossing the Line” the first short story in the “Better Future” series is available for Kindle download.

Details on how to get a copy are here: Crossing the Line

This marks a turning point in my writing journey as it is the first non-blog, non-formal employment publication I have completed. I plan for it to be the first of many.

It has certainly been an interesting journey and I have leant a lot about formatting and editing. Despite numerous edits (by more than one person of course) there were still some errors in the final document.  Hopefully everything is correct now, but it is a solid reminder that I need to work on my editing technique.

I hope that at least some of you like it (and it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea).

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards






All set up – “Crossing the Line”

I am ready to go – I think. I have set up my Amazon account, done the tax audit, formatting the document and cover and am ready to load it up.  I must admit that I am amazed to say that I am still finding typos – Do you know how many times I have checked this?  Shouldn’t be surprised I guess, folk I know who have published books that were thoroughly edited say that they still found errors in the final text.

Yes the short story “Crossing the Line” will be published on time.  I will send the details of how and where to access it for those who are interested.  It is available free for the first five day.  A bit of a new venture for me…more to come